5 Signs You Need To Curb Your Consumerism

If you can relate to the below, it’s a sure sign that you need to Curb Your Consumerism, and take control of your financial future.

You look forward to your pay day blow out
You like to go out on payday for a slap up meal, which you and your friends cheekily refer to it as a ‘payday blow out’. The first week of the month is rich in trips to the pub, take aways and dvds. Half way through the month though, you tighten your belt. You creep into you’re overdraft at the end of the month, but you’re not in debt, well not much.

You’re waiting for a promotion
You’re not saving to buy a house, because you don’t earn enough money right now. In a few years you’ll have moved up to a senior level position, which means you’ll be getting at least a 20% payrise. At that point, you’ll be able to afford the mortgage to buy a house.

My holiday is an emergency
You have some savings, and have worked out that they would tide you over for about 3 months if you were to lose your job. That’s not going to happen though because your boss loves you, so you’ve booked a trip to Mexico with your emergency fund.

Credit schmedit
You don’t open credit card statements because it makes you feel a little dizzy to see how much money you owe. You’ve set up a transfer to make the minimum re-payment automatically though, so it’s not an issue, they still get paid.

Buy now pay later
No one can afford to buy a whole car outright, everyone buys the big things on credit these days. Sofas, flat screens, the lap top etc. it’s normal to pay later these days, isn’t it?

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