Bankruptcy Doesn’t Have to Be Your Last Option!

Being in debt and really only having what you think to be your last option available is a pain full situation to be in! I know as I was at that very stage just recently after accumulating a large debt and only seeing the good old bankruptcy card on the table!

What I didn’t realize is that there was another card there too, but no one had told me about it until it was almost too late!

That card was grants that you don’t have to pay back!

I thought these were only available for people who were starting their own business and would be paying the government loads of money later on and so the grant was more like an investment.

This is still true but when you break it down if your considering filing for bankruptcy then the government gets landed with all your debt and has to pay it off themselves! Which of course they don’t want to do!

So they devised a new grant scheme where by people who are considering bankruptcy and landing their debt piles on the government are eligible for a government grant of which they don’t pay back!

This is available to everyone who has over $5,000 in debt and once you know what to tick and what to cross on the forms you are set to go and have a 99% chance of getting a positive response and the government actually helping you out for once!

But you do need to know what your doing otherwise you get a big REJECTED letter back!

You need to fully understand which of the 100’s of grant’s to apply for!

What to fill in and what to say!

And of course how much to ask for… greed never pay’s off!

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