Financial Emergencies – Key Steps to Fix Them

When your finances get out of control you may need to take a look at where you can take a money diet to get back on track. There are many little expenses that are overlooked for cutting back on a daily basis. Here are some ideas that will hopefully jog your memory on others that fit you personally. These can be done for just a short period such as a month or more until you see a positive change in your income.

At work if you go to lunch why not bring a lunch instead? This can save a considerable amount of money and the menu is always good because you choose it. Rather than going to the movie theatre or renting on a regular basis check out your local library. Many of them have movies and games that you can check out free and they let you keep them for a decent amount of time as well. If you have a tendency to buy things every where you go then stop going to so many places except where you have to for groceries etc. and put yourself on a time limit so you do not wander to the areas calling your name to spend un-necessarily. This will also save on gas since you are not stopping too many places. Adjust your thermostat based on weather. In the summer wear less clothing in the house and find ways to cool yourself down. Everyone is different so you know best what this will be for your body maybe a glass of ice water or ice cream (not the expensive kind). In the winter wear sweaters and snuggle up with pets or loved ones.

It is also good to mention the big money expenses that are usually more difficult because of emotional attachment. For instance the car. RV, or boat you never use. These require licensing, maintenance, insurance, and other fees that can really save a bundle. Be real with yourself on how much you use them versus the money they take. Not to mention, selling them results in money.

Last but not least, talk to your creditors. In these economic times it may not be as easy but ask them for assistance. They may be able to temporarily lower your payment and even utilities may have a payment plan when you get those darn summer and winter bills. Remember, if you do not ask you will never know if they could have helped. There is no shame in asking. You are in control even though it does not feel like it. When you take steps to make it better it seems to create a ripple effect and many things get better including the income just because of your perseverance.

Deanne is a Life and Finance Coach, speaker, author, and dance instructor/dancer.

She is a wife to an incredibly gifted husband whose music is spiritual and his entertaining touches lives like no other. Deanne’s life experiences and challenges have given her the knowledge and understanding to help others to find their gifts and overcome obstacles.
Deanne’s passion is to help others through encouragement, information, and action steps to achieve their true calling in life. Everyone is called to a life of blessings, abundance and peace. Deanne helps them to find their gifts and blessing blockers as simple as possible to reduce stress and make the journey a joy.

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