How to Save Money on Your Telephone Bill

There are so many telephone companies offering different tariffs that are constantly changing, it is confusing and tiring trying to get to the best deal that suits you. The truth is if you really want to save money on your telephone bill in the U.K. you need to take time to write down some points that you want from your telephone line then finding a good deal that matches your criteria.

Grab a pen and some paper right now and write down what you need from your telephone line. Here are some points to get your brain working; Do you need free calls all day or just in the evening, do you call a lot of mobiles, do you want your telephone company to supply your broad band, are there certain numbers that you call on a regular basis and what extra services do you want with your telephone line, call waiting e.t.c.

Once you have a list it is a simple process of finding the cheapest deal for everything you need and that will save money on your telephone bill. There are also some options available that might not be so obvious, like using an internet phone to make the majority of your calls, this will save you money on your telephone bill in the U.K. and globally. Using up the free minutes on your mobile to make your calls before you start to use paid minutes on your home phone.

One of the things that that hikes up your phone bill is ringing customer service centres which are often a 0845 or 0844 number these can dramatically increase your bill if dialled regularly. Try and find a supplier that doesn’t charge for these prefixes, they are available. Try and avoid ringing direct inquiries these numbers are usually very expensive you can always look a number up on the internet for free.

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