Legally Reduce Your Credit Card Debt by 75%

In today’ s economy it is more important than ever for consumer’s to take back control of their credit card debt. It’s no surprise that with unemployment skyrocketing and the costs of goods and services increasing that people everywhere find themselves struggling to keep up with the minimum monthly payments and interest charged by their credit card companies. The result is that consumer’s feel like they are left with very few options to help them get out of debt and this is why recently the number of consumers who have been forced to file bankruptcy has skyrocketed BY 20%.


So what can someone do if they are having serious debt challenges and they don’t want to file bankruptcy? Hire a lawyer. That’s right, the best thing you can do if you are in over your head in debt and need help to get out. Why? Because some lawyers who specialize in Consumer protection Law and Contract law know that the banks, credit card companies and debt collectors routinely break the laws that have been written to protect consumers when they enter into contracts with these types of companies.


Here’s how it works: a lawyer who is well trained in this area will ask you to collect your credit card, medical and other unsecured billing statements. They will also ask you if you have had any contact with debt collectors who seem to call constantly and call at all times of day and at work or home. If you have, the lawyer will want to know about their collection efforts.

Next, the attorneys will do an audit of your billing statements, contracts and any collection activities looking for violations including: increased interest rates since the beginning of the contract, increased minimum monthly payments, and the charging of late fees over the amount of $10.00. Unfortunately, while these have been common practices for years, in many cases they are also violations of your consumer protection rights. The good news is, once these violations are found, which typically takes about 1 week, your lawyers will then know that you are legally able to stop paying on that debt until the matter is resolved. At this point your attorney will call you and advise you that your rights have been violated and only at that point can you legally stop paying your creditors. Your lawyers will then use these violations to negotiate on your behalf to get your debts reduced quickly.


Here are some of the typical results. The attorneys who are well trained in these legal services say that in 99% of the cases they take on they find many violations of consumer rights. They also say that while there are no guarantees as each individual case is unique in some way, in 90% of the cases where violations are found, the consumer never has to pay another dime to that credit card or medical company. In many cases the lawyers are able to get a cash settlement in favor of the consumer because their rights have been violated.

A big part of the settlements the lawyers are able to reach include the complete resolution of the outstanding debt and they also demand the creditor to go back and restore the consumer’s good credit rating.

If you are struggling with credit card debt and medical debts and you are looking for help, the hiring of an attorney who specializes in consumer protection law and contract law is probably your best bet. Many attorneys in this area are even willing to set up affordable payment plans to help almost anyone.

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