Personal Budgeting Takes the Fear Out of Finances

Budgeting may as well be a four letter word as far as some people are concerned. There are a few reasons that people avoid budgeting and one of these is a perceived lack of time. And because it requires us to invest our time we procrastinate or avoid doing it at all.

Sometimes it is due to a perception that personal budgeting is a skill that is lacking. There are so many good tools available on the internet you don’t even need to be able to add or subtract — it can all be done for you!

The thought of budgeting may seem limiting or even expose a fear. Yes a fear! The fear that your suspicion is actually true — that your income does not cover your spending.

So what value can we gain from doing a personal budget?

• Precisely because your time is precious and you are no doubt so busy it is hard to keep your finances in your head without forgetting things, you need a budget. Put them on paper or in an excel spreadsheet. Your mind will become uncluttered.

• Think of your personal budgeting as if it was for a business. By preparing your budget it makes you aware of your finances and gives you the ability to put them in order.

• Budgeting takes away the fear because you can do something about overspending rather than getting further into debt. You can design strategies to help you reduce what you spend.

• If you have been wondering where your money goes each month a budget will help. It is a way of gaining control of your finances and is a way to help achieve your goals.

• Many people look to earn more money in order to save rather than focusing on spending less! With a budget saving can be possible.

Budgeting is a valuable financial tool. By setting a budget you will find out exactly where your money goes, you can adjust the way you manage your finances, achieve your goals and at the end of the day you’ll be better off.

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