Piers Stepping Down To Pursue New Venture

Piers Morgan says it’s time for someone in the British media to broach “the question nobody seems to want to ask” about President Trump’s recent visit: “Where was Meghan Markle?” The host of “Good Morning Britain” took to the pages of the Daily Mail this week to blast the former U.S. actress who married Prince Harry and became the duchess of Sussex in May 2018. Mr. Morgan wrote Monday that marrying into the royal family brings with it various duties to the nation, which supersede any individual’s personal politics. “She’s the only American in the British royal family, and the leader of her country was here in her adopted country as a guest of Her Majesty the Queen,” the journalist wrote. “Yet as virtually every other senior royal, including her husband Prince Harry, was seen on parade to welcome President Trump, there was no sign at all of the Duchess of Sussex.” Mr. Morgan also took her to task for missing D-Day commemoration ceremonies.

“Given the fact it was to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, it was a very big deal for Britain and America,” he added. “It was a trip specifically intended to remember the astonishing feats of valor carried out by our joint armed forces on the beaches of Normandy. So, I’m sorry, but bunking off at home is simply not an option for any senior member of the Royal Family. Yet that’s what Meghan did.”

Piers Morgan has slammed Meghan Markle’s “snub” of President Trump’s state visit as “shameful.” The Duchess of Sussex was not present for the state banquet nor did she attend any of the D-Day commemorations during Trump’s three-day visit to the U.K. last week. And while the palace revealed that she had not been in attendance due to her maternity leave with baby Archie Harrison, journalist Piers Morgan insists that she avoided it due to her own personal dislike of the U.S. president.

Morgan has described her no-show as “unacceptable” and insists it was her royal duty to meet the leader of her home country as her husband and other senior royals did.

Writing in his column for the MailOnline, Piers said: “I’m sorry, but bunking off at home is simply not an option for ANY senior member of the Royal Family.

“By doing so, she was not just giving the metaphorical bird to Trump, as she would have most definitely wanted to do, she was giving it to his host the Queen, her country who he is representing and the country whom she now represents.”

He also accused her of putting her own personal beliefs above the commemorations for the D-Day veterans. Morgan went on to lament the fact that she then broke her maternity leave just days later in order to attend Trooping the Colour on Saturday. He finished: “I’ve got news for you Ms. Markle: you’re in the firm now, and that means doing your duty when it is required. “By staying at home, then turning up all bright and cheerful the moment Trump left, she displayed a woefully selfish disregard for royal duty.” The Duchess has certainly not been shy about her feelings toward Trump in the past.

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